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This game surely has some unique setting and dialogues. Are there any plans on updating some more content? I'd definitely love to see more!

Could you make a mac version of the game? It looks extremely cool.

The non-linear puzzle and story design was simply amazing! That plus the charming weirdness of the story (and the characters, of course) made your game to be one of the most interesting entries of the whole Ludum Dare 41. The game intrigues one to play it again, just to find out how the paths could evolve in a new way by my actions. <3 My personal favorite consequence occured after I lit the skeleton waiter/receptionist with a fireball - the meta humor is strong in this one... :'D A fantastic little game, that I happily included in one of our compilation articles about the jam as well as in the related gameplay video. Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

this game has interesting mechanic of course, i finish the game super early on but i play the second time and everything feels different. hope you enjoy it :D

I'm curious to know what engine this was made in. The water is beautiful for a first-person dungeon-crawler / roguelike.


I lost it at the AK-Senpai part


This game was definitly a little weird, but I liked it a lot. I cannot pin down exactly what makes it so charming, but it is. Thanks for making this! Would love to see something more come from this.