A downloadable game for Windows

A brave explorer sets out to make it through the Doom Tomb to find what lies within the one True room!

A relatively short but difficult platformer made with the intention of not letting the player off easily. Sure, It might be too hard, but what't the fun in it being too easy~!

This is my entry to #LD37!

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The entire game takes place in one "room", being GM:S's term for level/stage/scene, as to fit with the theme of "One Room" more.


The Doom Tomb of the True Room 3 MB
DTTR-Source Code.zip 10 MB


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Cool game, and really nice art! Got to the Preplexing Puzzle room, Ill make it next time. Thanks for sharing

So if you enjoy schadenfreude then you will absolutely enjoy this video about an adventurer who wants to get intimate with an entire family of spikes despite the risk to bodily harm. They also pair up with the spikes to find a key from the evil heat seeking thwomp clan who wish to squish the adventurer against his love.