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A Zachtronics-style puzzle game based on building circuits on very limited boards, make sure you can complete the task without running out of space!

The interface is mostly operated by the mouse, mouse wheel and arrow keys , its relatively intuitive once you get the hang of it.

I restarted like 12 hours in, so this is once again more of a "proof of concept" than a finished game, I ran out of time to add more puzzles and modules but I think there's enough challenge in puzzles 3 and 4 to at least enjoy the experience if zachtronics games are your thing.


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I really like this, but I can't seem to figure out how IO flag streams work. If I could get the tiniest of explanations I would love to be able to finish this game!


Its a shame I didn't have the time to tutorialize them better, but it is something I'm going to work on. The basic gist of how they work is the the input modules will continue to out the same number each cycle, so if you want to get the next number in the input, you need to tell that stream to move forward one. The way the IO flag module works is you select which channels you want to tell to progress (by pressing left or right to toggle it) and then whenever the module receives a value greater than zero, it'll make that channel grab the new number. so for example if you wire the a constant value 1 into the IO flag module, each cycle it'll grab a new number, or if you only send it a pulse once you've calculated the output for those inputs, then you can use it to grab the next set of inputs and continue.

This is super challenging but also intriguing! I adore the UI style and sound effects as well. The puzzles are fun (though I'm far too dumb for some of them!) and the mechanics are relatively intuitive after playing around with them for a bit. Great work!