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"One persons quest to become the best hacker of the pseudo-90s"

A relatively authentic and historically (creative liberties taken, IP addresses instead of phone numbers, etc) DOS style hacking game set in the year 1993. As well as connecting to devices over your trusty old 2400 baud modem, you can interface with other devices using your computer to access the small unique digital world within each as a second, deeper form of hacking. You must use the two in cooperation to "achieve hacks"

Important Caveat


Due to a sleeping mistake (I set two alarms on different devices to wake me up after 2 hours, but managed to disable both in my sleep and return to bed without realising, so I wasted 11 hours of the 3rd day), like 70% of the time I'd decided to dedicate to fleshing out the content on the system was lost, so although the game has a lot of expandablility under the hood (and I do plan on expanding it a lot, I had a LOT of fun working on this), this "demonstration" of its abilities is severely lacking. All it features is the tutorial section which teaches you the basics of how the game WOULD play, and a shareware demo-esque lock at the first BBS.


Keyboard - Everything.

Use the in game help command to get a list of actions if you forget, or do the tutorial again.

Ludum dare page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/retrohacker-1993


RETROHACKER 1993 v0.1.05.zip 2 MB
SOURCE CODE (.gmz) 245 kB


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Shows as "Not available for Windows" in the itch.io App, downloading and running it through the browser works fine though.

Fun little command line interface game, with a lot of potential~